Postpartum Nurturing Sessions

Nuturing sessions are uniquely designed for each individual according to your personal needs at the time.




In many cultures, there are special traditions to help nourish and heal mothers during the postpartum time. In our fast paced, busy society, the emphasis is on getting back to “life as normal” and new parents are left feeling like they don’t have the support they need to heal, care for their baby, and integrate the birth experience.

Postpartum nurturing sessions are uniquely designed for each individual to help heal the body, mind and spirit after birth.  The services include a variety of techniques including vaginal steams and sitz baths for soothing and healing sore tissue after birth, hot rock and hydro therapy treatments,  “sealing” or “closing of the bones”,  and belly binding.

Sessions range from 2-4 hours in your home. Cost ranges from $150-300

Please contact me to create a session tailored to your needs.