Jennifer Singer

Christine was so valuable in the birth of our daughter. My partner thought I was nuts for wanting a doula and now he is the one that tells everyone about how great she was and why we needed her. 30 hours of natural labor turned into an emergency c-section and then a huge infection for me. It was Christine that kept us calm, present and accepting during this time. He is her biggest fan. I guess that makes me her second biggest fan.

Christine was there pre-baby to make sure we faced our fears, were connected to each other and the baby and understood what we could and could not control. She was a calming presence during a time that was filled with a hugh amount of anxiety for us.

After giving birth, I never imagined that she would keep in touch, check in on us and genuienly care for the three of us. This is more then a job for her. It is her passion. We are so blessed and grateful that she was with us on this journey. She will definitely be part of our family for a very long time.